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Become part of the Bumgarner Winery family by joining the Wine Bums Wine Club or the Lucky Bum Cider Club. Benefits include access and savings to our limited wines or ciders, complimentary tasting, and invites to winery events & experiences.

It's easy, sign up and enjoy complimentary tastings and club savings on your wine purchases starting today! Members receive access to limited wines, invitations to club only events and savings on tickets for public events.

We ask for a one-year commitment or a $50 early withdrawal fee will be charged. Members must place a credit or debit card on file for automatic payment processing. To cancel your club membership please call 888-WINE-BUM or email club@bumgarnerwinery.com Cancellation is confirmed with an email. 

Ship or pick up? You choose. Your wine can be shipped or picked up at either location in Camino or Fair Play. Each club is fully customizable. For ship to members your customized order must be received before club processing. For pick ups wine exchanges can be requested after initial processing in person at pickup. We reserve the right to change or swap wine club selections that have not been picked up at any time.

Quarterly Club shipments are in February, May, August, & November. Selections include whites and reds. Reds only options are available. Pick-ups must be picked up within four months of processing or may be shipped at member's expense. If wines are not picked up after one year and contact cannot be made with member, the wines will be restocked. Returned shipments will be charged for the cost of the returned shipping.

The Holiday Club includes whites, reds, & sweets and is not available for a reds only option.

Monthly Subscription, Exclusive Benefits, Pick-up Only Subscription benefits:
Lucky number 3! Three bottles $30/mo, first three each month for $1/each with bottle return (limit three per month). That's three for $33!!!

Bring your three bottles back each subsequent month for the cider of the month or another favorite Bumgarner Cider for $1 each (limit three per month), additional bottles and refills are $2 off each. Subscription includes access to our special cider of the month, a take home LUCKY BUM cider glass (at sign up), invites to monthly cider release events, and the annual "Best of the Wurst" Cider Fest" party! 

In person pick-up only. No shipping. Use it or loose it policy. Ciders must be picked up in the current month and cannot be rolled over to future months. Limit 3 per month at $1 ea.

3 bottles quarterly, 20% savings. Three different wines selected by our winemaker, typically one white and two reds.

3 bottles quarterly, 20% savings. Three different red wines selected by our winemaker.

6 bottles quarterly, 25% savings. Two bottles each of three different wines selected by our winemaker. Typically two whites and four reds. 

6 bottles quarterly all reds, 25% savings. Shipping included on Aficionado club shipments.

12 bottles in October, 20% savings. Wines selected by our winemaker to enhance your holidays. Shipment will include whites, reds, and sweets.

12 bottles quarterly, 30% savings, shipping included on all orders. Will include the 'Aficionado' selection as well as six additional bottles hand selected by our winemaker.

LUCKY BUM Cider Club is a subscription based cider of the month club.

Monthly Subscription, Exclusive Benefits, Pick-up Only, One-year Commitment


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