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Our Story

"At Bumgarner Winery, nestled in the heart of the picturesque El Dorado American Viticultural Area (AVA), our family is committed to crafting exceptional wines that encapsulate the essence of our unique terroir. As a first-generation, small family winery, our mission is simple yet profound: to create wines of unparalleled quality that reflect our passion for the land and the traditions that have been handed down through generations.

Our dedication to sustainable and artisanal winemaking practices ensures that every bottle we produce embodies the rich tapestry of our region's diverse microclimates and soil types. We understand that great wine begins in the vineyard, and our hands-on approach, combined with the knowledge of our local team, allows us to nurture each grape with care and precision.
With a deep respect for the land, we are committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of the El Dorado AVA. We seek to be stewards of our environment, employing responsible farming techniques that protect the natural balance of our vineyards. This commitment to sustainability extends beyond our vineyard, encompassing our entire winemaking process, from vine to bottle.

Our family's legacy is woven into every vintage we produce, and we invite you to join us on this journey. We aspire to share our passion for winemaking with each bottle, creating a unique and memorable experience for all who taste our wines. Whether you are sipping our wines in the company of friends and family or exploring the nuances of El Dorado's distinctive terroir, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional, personalized, and authentic wine experience.

At Bumgarner, we are more than a winery; we are a family, a tradition, and a celebration of the land. Our mission is to create wines that bring people together, that reflect the character of El Dorado, and that leave a lasting impression. We invite you to savor the flavors of our region and become part of our story.

Cheers to the beauty of El Dorado, the craft of winemaking, and the shared moments that make life extraordinary."

~Jennifer and Brian Bumgarner

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